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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless On-Demand Gas Hot Water Heaters

SuperGreen Solutions can deliver most models of Rinnai Rheem Navien and Takagi tankless water heaters within the Silicon Valley within 48 hours or less with no delivery charge.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters provide an endless supply of hot water easily meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications and use up to 40 percent less energy than a traditional tank.

Selecting the right model Rinnai gives you options to right-size your installation customize your efficiency and select your warranty.

First choose your efficiency: The Ultra series are condensing units and provide the highest efficiency with an efficiency factor of 0.95 or greater. The Luxury and Value Series have an efficiency factor of 0.82 which still provides significant energy savings over traditional water heaters.

The new condensing tankless water heater models RUR98i and RUR98e also feature recirculation with or without a dedicated recirculation line via an integrated pump so there’s less wait time for hot water.

Second choose your warranty: Both the Ultra and Luxury series offer a limited 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger 5-years on the parts and 1-year on the labor. The value series has a limited 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger 5-year on the parts one 1-year on the labor. Also the value series do not include service valves which must be purchased separately.

Finally and possibly most important you need to right-size your water heater. This is done by determining how many showers you may use simultaneously (count a dishwasher or washing machine as a shower) and then use the chart below (click on picture to expand) to decide on the appropriate model. The capacity is shown as number of shower and sink symbols.


If you are having your water heater installed by a certified Rinnai plumber (always recommended) some of the accessories below may be included in the cost of installation. Otherwise you may need to purchase accessories. Be sure to choose accessories for either a condensing or non-condensing unit as they are not always interchangeable.


If you need to add a recirculating pump to your existing or new tankless water heater to reduce water waste while waiting for hot water to reach your tap consider one of the following options:


    Rinnai Logic™ offers homeowners enhanced convenience and energy efficiency in home hot water recirculation systems with a dedicated return line. Circ? Logic™ controls the on/off sequence and operational cycles of the recirculation pump through the programming of the tankless water heater’s control board. This feature is standard on Rinnai’s Ultra and Luxury Series units. The GTK15 kit manufactured by Grundfos allows the user to enjoy further energy savings through the use of a timer.

    Advanced Conservation Technology Inc. (also known as ACT Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® Systems) manufactures Hot Water Recirculation Systems that deliver hot water on demand reduce water waste and conserve energy. ACT Inc.’s D’MAND Kontrols® recirculating hot water pumps send cold water in the plumbing back to the water heater via the cold water or dedicated return line while simultaneously bringing hot water to all fixtures in the line in a matter of seconds. Unlike other hot water recirculation pumps the D’MAND Kontrols Systems® do not allow hot water into the cold water line and deliver hot water to the furthest fixtures on user demand rather than relying on a timer activated system.


    If you are waiting more than 10 seconds for hot water to arrive after you turn on your faucet or shower you are waiting too long. Using an AutoHot™ on demand pump control with a recirculation pump will enable you to get hot water at your fixtures almost instantly. Not only is this convenient but it is the most efficient way to save water and energy in your plumbing system. The best part is that installing the AutoHot™ on demand pump control does not require adding any hot water piping to your residential home. It will use your cold water line as the return line but if you already have a return line you can install the AutoHot™ on demand pump control onto your existing return line and if you already have a pump you can install the on demand pump control onto your existing recirculation pump.


    Water scale deposits are a significant cause of heat transfer loss along with the subsequent increase in energy costs.Even a thin layer of scale can cause a 30% increase in the cost to operate that piece of equipment. Extensive use of hard water can also decrease the life expectancy of your tankless unit. Keeping the heating passages free of mineral deposits significantly improves efficiency conserves energy extends the useful life of the equipment.


    To maintain peak performance and efficiency Rinnai’s Scale Control System provides limescale and corrosion control by feeding a special blend of compounds into the water stream. This simple easy-to-use system delivers consistent scale control over a predictable time frame without the need for electricity. The Rinnai Scale Control System is installed on the cold water line prior to your tankless unit. As water passes through a small amount of scale control product is dissolved into the water stream.


    “The Heater Treater®” is the simple low cost solution for protecting all tankless water heaters from the effects of hard water scaling. The Heater Treater® is installed on the feed water line just prior to the tankless water heater. As the water passes through the filter cartridge the treatment media uniquely located in the interior of the filter slowly dissolves into the water supply providing scale protection to the heater in several ways; by interfering with the ability of the calcium and magnesium to crystallize or become scale when heated by laying down a thin protective coating on the interior of the heater (most importantly the heat exchanger) that does not allow any scale that might be created from adhering to the interior of the heater and the 5 micron filter provides added protection from rust sediment or debris that could affect the operation of the heater.


    FLOW-AIDE SYSTEM DESCALER KIT is specifically designed to improve flow/heating efficiency to Tankless Water Heaters by aggressively dissolving lime water scale and rust deposits in the appliance.

Visit our “Water Quality” page for information on water softeners and whole-house descaling systems.